Sayvy Global Tech is the trusted advisor and counselor to many of the world's most influential businesses and institutions so they have progressive growth.

Management Consultancy & Staffing

Sayvy HRMS is a SaaS based solution serves multiple modules of the human resource management and covers the overall management of multiple user and multiple client onboarding. Companies throughout the globe lay essential emphasis on their human sources and with inside the process, more modern strategies have developed to permit them to get the proper human beings for the proper task on the proper time.


We provide IT Audit service to evaluate variety of IT processes, workflows, infrastructure, software applications, web services, security systems, networks and client/server systems. The key purpose of our IT Audit service is to catch potential IT risks, identify inaccuracies and inefficiencies in the usage and management of the IT system in an organization.

Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure audit is an examination of network connectivity failures, network speed performance, wireless network signal efficiency, network infrastructure design and architecture, cabling standards and several network related equipments and its compliance to industry standards.

Internet Connectivity

Internet connectivity audit is evaluation of internet connectivity bandwidth utilization, connectivity speed strength, content filtering, load balancing, internet usage, user access policies, firewall configuration, data packet drops, email exchange, file size configurations, attachment filtering and many internet related configurations, appliances and compliance to organization standards.

Systems Infrastructure

Systems infrastructure audie refers to the analysis of client server architecture, server performance, downtime tracking, data storage capacity, operating system compatibility, server performance monitoring, server builds and roll-back strategies, disaster recory plan, data backup and recovery and many more system compliances as per the industry standards.

End User Systems

End user systems audit is the compliance review of controls, proceedures, policies, process being practiced within the organization at user level access areas and equipments. It is the analysis of standards in place for hardware configurations, IT equipments procurement, software licenses, software piracy and any other compliance gaps in the organization.